You must work more than you wish.

You must work more than you wish. Make a note of this. In fact, you should turn this idea into a law by which you live your life. Your rule can go something like this: “I will work for the things I want.”

Wishing With Fingers CrossedWhy? Because you get what you work for, not what you wish for. It’s OK to keep wishing with your fingers crossed – but you’d better get to work or you will have approximately nothing to show for all your wishing. That’s reality.

Daydreaming can be fun. Visualization can help you attain the things you want. Having hopes and dreams is, in fact, a part of achieving things in this life. But it should be a very minor first step. Unfortunately, most people stop at the “wishing phase” of getting what they want out of life. So they never really achieve what they desire.

Wishing, in and of itself, gets you no where. “Wishful thinking” is nothing more than a mental exercise. In order to make your wishes turn into reality, you must work.

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