What to say when a woman asks “How old are you?”

Some advice I found on a PUA blog regarding the question of what to say when a woman asks your age. Obviously this is not a problem if you’re young (say, under 30) and the woman is in your age range. But what if you’re 38 and she’s 24? In a case like that, the question needs a better-than-conventional answer. The more pronounced the age difference, the better your answer should probably be. So here are two ways to answer “How old are you?” in a more memorable, less lame way:

“Young enough to do it well, old enough to do it right.”

“You want a boy or a man?”

“An even easier and simpler version of this is to set your iPhone pass code to 1776 (Merica) you can simply cold open with the challenge that she can’t unlock your phone, tell her the code is the year America gained independence. I was originally surprised that about 95% of them couldn’t get it. Once she fails you can roll into jabs about her being un-american and patriotic. “Uh oh, you didn’t know that? Let me guess you voted for Hillary” etc etc.

You can play off the interaction so many ways, it is hard to fail with this one.

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