The one thing you must always remember about women.

Women crave guidance and leadership from a strong, deliberate, unshakable, dominant man. No matter what you may have heard (even from women), the desire for a strong leading man is built into women. You can choose to provide this, or not.

There’s one thing to remember about women: a woman wants a leader. You must remember this about your wife or girlfriend. If you don’t lead her, you’re headed for trouble. If you do lead her, she’ll respect and ultimately follow you.

Taming of the ShrewWhat does it mean for you “to lead”? It’s not a complicated thing. A man will either lead or he will follow. If you want to lead, do the following:

Take responsibility. If you do something wrong, you own it. You don’t blame others.

Take action. When you see a situation that needs to be dealt with, step forward. Don’t stand back and wait for someone else to solve the problem. When you’re a leader, you say, “I’ll handle it” when a problem arises. Then you do your best.

Decide. You need to make decisions and take responsibility for the outcome. Women resent a man who won’t make decisions. They admire a man who confidently takes the lead. A man who is a leader will take ten seconds to think about something he’s unsure of, then choose a course of action and stick with it.

It’s simple: decide, take action, follow through, and take responsibility. This is leadership. Women admire this quality in a man – even when they protest against your methods, call you names, or disagree with your decisions. Ultimately, it’s more important to lead than to be liked. When you cast off your responsibility to lead, women will only hate you.

The one thing you must always remember about women, is that they want to be lead. So be a leader.

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