The one thing women want, more than anything else.

More than any single other thing, a woman wants a man to lead her.

That’s right: the one thing women want more than anything is a strong man who will LEAD.

Woman Following a ManIt is true that you should provide love, and security, and other things that go with any normal human relationship (such as respect and courtesy). But the one thing you must ensure is that you are the leader.

How do you do this?

First, by knowing where you’re going. By having goals for your life. By being able to verbalize the convictions and principles you live by. You lead her by first being in control of your own life. Lead yourself, and then you can lead her.

Secondly, by being consistent and stalwart. You cannot lead if you’re subject to the winds of change. Instability is incompatible with leadership.

A leader needs to be able to assess a situation in a few moments, make a decision, and then follow through – even in the face of opposition. This is what a woman wants.

A woman does not want – and will eventually reject – a man who grovels, who’s unsure of himself, and who’s weak. Women hate that. They despise it. And – regardless of what a woman may say – a woman who has a man who won’t lead will view him with disgust.

Do you have any idea how rare this is, today? In a world of veritable “girly men” who have been de-balled…men who lead are less common than they were a generation ago.

In case you don’t know how to recognize a man who is a leader, here are a few tip-offs:

  • He doesn’t apologize. Most of the time, he’s “such a jerk”. Saying “sorry” is rare. When he says it, he really did something wrong and usually had no other option.
  • He speaks his mind. Political correctness isn’t his concern. He says what he really thinks. Don’t like it? Lump it.
  • He does what he wants. He’s not waiting around for orders from his girlfriend, wife, or mommy. He does what he wants. Just try to stop him.
  • He doesn’t get his feelings hurt. Girls and little boys cry when people talk about them. Not a man. And especially not a leader.
  • He doesn’t pay attention to criticism. So what if other people don’t like what he does, what he looks like, or how he talks? Screw ’em.
  • He knows where he’s going. The woman can come along for the ride if she wants; take it or leave it.

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