The Goal of the Path of Manhood

The Path of Manhood leads to fulfillment; it allows a man to be a Complete Man.

The “Path” is a series of lessons that should be incorporated into a man’s daily, normal actions and habits.

The path contains principles, beliefs and philosophies that benefit men, and are good for a man to learn and live.

Successfully following these and living these lessons will help you be a Complete Man.

These concepts are not to be confused with some of the other things taught to men. For instance, “game” is not necessarily part of being a Complete Man. Nor is being an “alpha male” (or any other equivalent label). While there is much good being taught in conjunction with these things, there is also much that is negative and harmful. Some concepts found in the “manosphere” don’t impart a complete, healthy mindset of manhood.

For example, “game” and the PUA community teach things that relate to confidence and communication which very often are good. Many men have benefited from PUA teachings. But learning game doesn’t fulfill all of a man’s needs. Most often, the goal of PUA teachings is merely to sleep with a woman (not a particularly lofty or fulfilling goal). Even worse, much of PUA teaching is little more than manipulation. This is shallow, and I want to avoid bringing this way of thinking into the Path of Manhood.

The concept of being an “alpha male” also is misconstrued. The false dichotomy (which young men can easily fall into) is that being “alpha” is good but that being “beta” is bad. The truth is that these labels don’t express a real, valid concept of manhood. I have known alpha males who, at the end of their lives, were shamefully alone and left no legacy. I also know men who (by appearances) would appear to be “beta” – yet are some of the strongest men of will or drive or determination I’ve met.

A real man – a Complete Man – isn’t defined by a simple label such as “alpha”, and learns that he needs aspects of alpha and aspects of beta to be successful as a complete man.

While some of the physical aspects of being a man (which fall into typical “alpha” characteristics) are important – a man is comprised of more than just what is seen on the outside. A man is made up of more than just the attitude he shows others. A Complete Man gives attention to body, soul, AND spirit.

All three of these are important to a man’s development. I have attempted to address all of these in this Path of Manhood.

The goal of the Path of Manhood is to equip and encourage you to become a Complete Man.