Take responsibility for who you are and who you will become.

Stop Making Excuses

The path of blaming your parents or society for your shortcomings is the path of weakness. Do not indulge in making excuses for who you are. Instead of excuses or placing blame elsewhere, take ownership of your life.

Own your self. Own the fact that you are responsible for determining your future. From this moment onward, take sole responsibility for yourself. You need to take ahold of this, like taking the proverbial bull by the horns.

While it may be unpleasant, it’s necessary. You alone can chart the course of your life; no one else is to blame.

Be Proactive

Not only do you need to not be an excuse-maker, you need to do the opposite and take action. Remember that action is a quality of leaders. And remember that, very often, any action is better than inaction.

You may be totally on your own in this. At least one generation of men has to raise themselves. Why? Because families and society have become weak – morally and even mentally. Absent or weak fathers have left millions of young men without role models or proper training in how to be a man. Corrupt or compromised institutions – from the schools to the churches to the government to the family – have shaped young men in the wrong ways. This has been happening for decades.

So you (regardless of whether you’re a young man or old man) must not allow it to continue. You have to take responsibility for yourself at this point. You should not only learn, but you should teach others. You should strive to be an example of a complete man.

Contrast this with one of the typical whining manlets of today, who complains endlessly about all the people and circumstances that are against him. Whether it’s something his parents did wrong when they raised him or something someone said to hurt his feelings, or something that caused offense to his delicate psyche – the modern man-child is always ready with an excuse. Be the opposite of the typical modern weakling and proudly man-up without apology.

Whatever you accomplish (or fail to do), true manhood is shown when you own it. This means you take responsibility for who you are, and where you’re headed in life – who you’ll become. And you do it all without apology and without excuses.

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