Take in quality entertainment, and avoid trash.

It’s not called television “programming” for nothing: you are shaped by everything that you allow to influence your mind (soul).

Besides the fact that you become a certain person based in part on the TV, music, internet, movies, books, and other media you take in…there are only so many hours in a day. And life is too short and valuable to waste on corrupting media.

So try to watch only quality entertainment. Read only the quality books. Listen to quality music.

Avoid trash. This can easily be discerned as anything that undermines traditional men’s roles, the institution of the family, and classic femininity. Trash media delivers vulgarity, perversion, switched roles for men and women, and a cynical view of the “old paths”.

Consume media that portrays the noble man – whether hero or villain. While everyone’s tastes differ, a range of examples of this type of man would include possibly the Clint Eastwood westerns, films such as the Godfather and even the Indiana Jones movies, and books such as Shadow on the Mountain or the Leatherstocking Tales (by James Fenimore Cooper). To contrast, the show Married With Children would not qualify as portraying any noble men. Nor would the vast majority of television made in the 21st century.

Some movies contain good lessons, even though they may not be considered “high brow” entertainment, or may seem outdated, or may contain offensive words or scenes (not appropriate for children, for sure). For instance, The Matrix is a good sci-fi movie that gives us the whole “Red Pill” concept. As good as it is, it’s not high art. The Godfather contains some lessons about loyalty, manhood, and family. However, it’s about a family of criminals – not something to emulate. Stand By Me portrays lessons about friendship and loyalty as well – but isn’t a film to show your young son.

Listen to music that uplifts your spirits. A well-rounded man should become familiar with the classical composers and their works.

Avoid TV, music, movies, or any other entertainment that lowers you by polluting your thoughts. A great many movies, books, TV, and other forms of entertainment from decades past are funnier and more clever than much of what’s produced today – you just have to discover them and give them a try! (Most of the Turner Classic Movies collection, for instance, will satisfy anyone’s need for good movies – for years.)

Whatever you listen to or watch will change you. So make sure you allow only the best things into your soul. Take in quality entertainment, and avoid trash.

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