Lift weights.

Lifting Weights

Although I stress that you shouldn't focus entirely on your physical being, I also advice against ignoring it. You should keep your body strong. A good way to build a manly physique (and improve testosterone levels) is to lift weights. You don't need to become a roided-up bodybuilder (like in the documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster). In fact, most women would find that … [Read more...]

Avoid pornography.

Avoid Pornography

Just as there are harmful substances that will harm your body, there are things that will harm your soul (mind). Pornography is poison for your soul. It is good to avoid it. It's worthwhile to take steps to prevent pornography from influencing you. Definitely do not seek it out, try to avoid it, and if you encounter it - do not view it. Some people scoff when they hear … [Read more...]