Learn a skill or trade that is not taught in college.

College educations are expensive, and the benefits are questionable (depending on the degree). Many very smart people (such as James Altucher, Mike Rowe, and Gary North, to name a few) recommend doing something else with your life, instead of going to college. James Altucher names 8 Alternatives to College, and Mike Rowe is an advocate for learning a skilled trade. [To be … [Read more...]

Specialize in doing one thing extremely well.

Master a Skill

Do at least one thing extremely well: specialize. Be better than average. Be better at a particular skill than anyone else, if you can. An old joke is that a specialist is someone who knows more and more about less and less. That is true. But something else, equally true, is that others notice and admire then man who is truly a master at his craft. Build On Existing … [Read more...]