Make a habit of reading more books.

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Why You Need to Read More If you think you're dumb, you need to read more. I've known intelligent, capable men who didn't think highly-enough of themselves. They actually were very smart, but didn't think enough of their own selves. I suspect other men out there may have the same problem. If you think you're not too smart, one simple solution is to simply start reading more. … [Read more...]

Read good books.

Read Good Books

It is said that leaders must be readers. Aim towards leadership - if not of others, at least aim to lead yourself. Part of this process means that you must become a reader of good books. Don't disparage physical, old-fashioned books, either. The Kindle has it's use, but there's something about a tangible book that can't be replicated by a device. So try shutting off the … [Read more...]