Grow up when it’s time to grow up.

Grown Men Playing with toys

It seems that many "men" today are simply children living in grown men's bodies. A male who is legally an adult but engages in children's hobbies, or has immature attitudes is a man-child or a manlet. You've seen these men before. You might even be one of these manlets. It's been pointed out that today's 18-year-olds are the equivalent of the previous generation's … [Read more...]

Don’t take yourself so seriously.

Pretty Face

The Millenial generation and Generation X were raised to think that everyone deserves an award for just showing up, and that everyone is a special snowflake. I'm not the only one who has noticed this. Articles in news media and even the popular culture have acknowledged the existence of the "man-child", "manlets", beta males, and have commented on the feminization of Western … [Read more...]