Real manhood is not what we think.

Real Lumberjacks

The world has incorrect ideas about real manhood. Real manhood is not necessarily what we have been told to think. Some real men do fit those images. I am reminded of old-timers who really were both the image of real men - and actual real men in their souls. But real men can't easily be identified as the guys who dip, drink whiskey, get into fights, and have no manners. … [Read more...]

Make your choices based on fact, not feeling.

People believe what they want to believe is true. Usually, they allow prejudices, fears, or some other subjective factor to influence what they believe. This is one of the prime reasons this current generation of Millenials is so weak. The males are not true men because they allow feelings to rule them. Living according to your feelings ("feels") is a feminine trait, not a … [Read more...]

Embrace your status as a man.

Man Card

Be proud of who you are: a man. Manhood is not a dirty word, and it's not a crime to be a man. So, accept it. Embrace it. Love it. Being a man is nothing to be ashamed of. The leftist, cultural marxists in our society's media and academia - the "elites" and the influencers - would have you believe that manhood should be restrained. They foster an attitude of hostility … [Read more...]