The one thing women want, more than anything else.

Woman Following a Man

More than any single other thing, a woman wants a man to lead her. That's right: the one thing women want more than anything is a strong man who will LEAD. It is true that you should provide love, and security, and other things that go with any normal human relationship (such as respect and courtesy). But the one thing you must ensure is that you are the leader. How do … [Read more...]

Read good books.

Read Good Books

It is said that leaders must be readers. Aim towards leadership - if not of others, at least aim to lead yourself. Part of this process means that you must become a reader of good books. Don't disparage physical, old-fashioned books, either. The Kindle has it's use, but there's something about a tangible book that can't be replicated by a device. So try shutting off the … [Read more...]