Value and appreciate your family and friends above your job.


It can be easy to allow your work to define who you are. We all do that, to some extent. We've all experienced the change in identity or the crisis of our identities that comes with a career change, or a job loss, or dissatisfaction with your current career. And when we meet people (whether at a party, or some other event) a very common opener is, "What do you do for a … [Read more...]

How to keep your job and be fire-proof.

Want to know how to "fire-proof" yourself? Getting fired is avoidable. There is a way to ensure you will never get fired. It is simple. Turn yourself into the most valuable employee in your division or company. This is how to ensure that you will always keep your job. You will be fire-proof. What are the steps you can take, to increase your value? Here are a few steps you … [Read more...]