Be a strong father.

Douglas Macarthur prayer for his son

You need to be a strong dad, especially if you have a son. A strong father will have a strong son. A weak father - or an absent father - will most likely end up with a son who has some serious problems. Negligent parenting, from the dads, has lead to weak families, delinquent young men, and crumbling foundations of a once-strong society. The system of this present world has … [Read more...]

How America’s Dads Can Bring True Grit Back

Recently an article was posted entitled, "American True Grit – How We Lost It, How We Can Get It Back". It bemoans the loss of the character trait of "grit": the pure, raw toughness that gets things done and doesn't whine or quit in the face of adversity. The stuff we all need. The article asks "How can we get our American True Grit back? Can we?". The author answers his own … [Read more...]