Confidence is a man’s greatest asset. Develop it.


The universal trait in a man that is admired by women and other men is confidence. Confidence is a strange thing. It doesn't need to be real or come from a genuine feeling inside a man to be effective. A man can feign confidence and act as if he should be confident when he is actually full of doubt. But the results will be the same as for the man who has every reason to … [Read more...]

Speak clearly, boldly, and audibly.

Speak Clearly

When you speak to others, they should be able to clearly and effortlessly hear and understand your words. As you converse with others, instead of throwing some mumbled words over your shoulder, aim your words at them distinctly and clearly. Have boldness and confidence in your manner and the way your speak. Avoid acting shy and timid. Clearly stating what you wish to … [Read more...]