Save your money for things that matter and things of substance.

Saving is not practiced as widely as it once was. Cheap and easy credit has allowed people to maintain a lifestyle of debt. This is an undisciplined, common, and foolish way to live.

SavingsInstead of going into debt, save your money. And save with definite goals in mind – for things that matter. (In fact, if you save your money you will be less likely to squander it due to the effort and time it takes to save.)

Some things you will find were worth saving for may include things like the following:

  • A dream vacation
  • A classic car
  • A quality watch
  • An anniversary dinner at a fine restaurant
  • An heirloom-quality firearm to pass down to your son
  • A down payment on a house
  • Land

Whatever it is that you value, you have the ability to have that thing – if you save your money and don’t spend it frivolously. Owning quality things and having unique experiences in life – and sharing them with your friends and family – will enrich your time on this earth. Spending every bit of money you get on fleeting things (i.e. “junk”) is a waste of a precious resource.

Here are a few wise quotes on this subject:

“A man should not seek to own a great many things, but that those things he does possess should be of good quality.”

“The poor can’t afford to buy cheap things.”

“If you cannot save money, the seeds of greatness are not in you.” – Billionaire W. Clement Stone, founder of Combined Insurance

“If you have to finance it, you can’t afford it. That has been our motto for 5 years now, and I have much nicer, better built items. The thing is, you have to let go of the instant gratification. Waiting until you have saved enough money, that money has more meaning to you. I really think twice (even more) about every purchase that I make. I want to ensure that it is useful, not going to break down, and is well worth the money I am spending.” (Source)

Long after you’ve become a saver and not an undisciplined spender, one day you’ll notice that you have some nice stuff. You won’t have a lot of clutter, and the few things you’ve decided to “invest” in will be high-quality. That should be your goal.

Save your money for things that matter and things of substance. It’s worth it.

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