Religiously bring your every day carry (EDC) items with you.

Every Day Carry (EDC)

Religiously keep your every day carry (EDC) items on yourself – in your pocket, on your wrist, in your wallet – when you are out. Every man should create his own set of every day carry items. However, some of the more popular (and useful items) are universal due to their importance.

These include the following:

  • A handkerchief or bandana
  • A wristwatch
  • A pocket knife
  • Cell phone
  • A wallet, containing cash (and possibly credit card(s))

A fine addition to your EDC kit should also be a concealed weapon (such as a handgun and an accompanying concealed-carry license) if possible.

An additional item that will prove to be useful whether you are a preacher or a plumber is a small notepad or an index card (along with a pen). When you need to write down a thought, a phone number, or sketch out an idea, there’s nothing as handy and reliable as pen and paper.

You should purposefully decide what to EDC, and then do it. This is sensible and responsible. A prepared man is less reliant on circumstances.

Be that kind of man. Religiously bring your EDC items with you, every day.

To find out more about EDC, see the article Every Day Carry (EDC) Foundation Concepts at SHTF School.

Recommended Resources

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Pocket Knife
I like to EDC as few items as possible. When I can, I like to have multi-function items. This Leatherman knife fits the bill. It has features I use most often: locking blade, #2 Phillips driver, flat tip, and bottle opener. It is light and compact. I recommend it highly!
Classic "Cowboy" Bandana
Always carry one with you. Fold it up small, or tie it around your neck. However you use it, a man should have a bandana (or a handkerchief) with him at all times. The classic cowboy-style bandana is a durable, useful thing to add to your EDC gear.


  1. says

    Too many realistic negative comments on the link to 12 Classic Bandanas. Labeled ‘cheap’ because they are not worth wasting your time on.. I have purchased good bandanas at Kmart. Some bandanas bleed their dyes so wash them EACH separately to see if they bleed, otherwise you will discolor any garments you have in the wash with them. You want a LARGE bandana of good quality cotton. Good for head cover, sweat wipe, washing your face, cooling off, signaling, etc.

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