Real manhood is not what we think.

Real LumberjacksThe world has incorrect ideas about real manhood. Real manhood is not necessarily what we have been told to think. Some real men do fit those images. I am reminded of old-timers who really were both the image of real men – and actual real men in their souls.

But real men can’t easily be identified as the guys who dip, drink whiskey, get into fights, and have no manners. Real men can’t be identified as the ones who go to strip clubs or watch football with the guys. Real men can’t be identified as the ones who look tough and have tattoos.

Those are all stereotypical images that we have been taught are what the most manly of men do or are. But when you really think about all the above characteristics, do any of them show true “toughness”? Do any of them present a true challenge? Do any of those things require bravery or character?

No. I contend that true, genuine, real manhood has to be deeper and more significant than outward appearance or the attitude that someone chooses to display openly. True manhood is to be found within a person, and it’s not something that can be changed or defined by current styles or circumstances.

So what are some ways you could recognize a real man?

The real man is that grizzled old man that still holds his wife’s hand after 50 years of marriage – and cried when he became a grandpa.

The real man is the young father who works twelve-hour shifts at his job so he can support his wife and young child.

The real man is the one isn’t ruled by whims or feelings – the man whose “yes” means “yes” and “no” means “no” – whose word you can trust.

The real man is the guy who started a business with what little money he could scrape together, and lost it all…and tried again because he decided to not allow failure to stop him.

In other words, real manhood is not what we think based on popular culture, movies, TV, or music. Real manhood is something of much greater significance and value. Real manhood has to do more with integrity, morals, and behavior than appearance or physical toughness. The truth is, real manhood isn’t instant and it’s not something you can put on or take off. You can’t buy it; you gradually gain it as you improve yourself. It’s a journey, and there’s a path we all must follow to eventually get to true manhood.

Always remember what counts, and always remind yourself that real manhood is not what you’ve been conditioned to think.

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