Read the Bible through, at least once.

If the Bible is true, it’s essential that you read it because the implications are obvious. But even if the book called the Holy Bible is not true, it can only do you good. Don’t be “afraid” of the Bible, and put aside any prejudices you might have towards it.

Man up, and just read it. Read the Bible through all the way – cover to cover – at least once in your life. (There are worse things you could put into your head, after all.)

No matter what your opinion is, the Bible – a book of Eastern wisdom at minimum and the very Words of God at most – is undoubtedly the most important book ever assembled. Do you know what’s in it’s pages?

A man can not truthfully say he’s had a complete education, nor can he say he’s been exposed to proven wisdom, nor can he claim maturity until he’s read the Bible through – from cover to cover.

As controversial as he may be, Dr. Peter Ruckman has some good words for men regarding Bible reading. Please take a few minutes to watch his short bit of sound advice below:

A Complete Man reads good books. And he will have read the whole Bible through at least one time.

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