Make a habit of reading more books.

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Why You Need to Read More

If you think you’re dumb, you need to read more. I’ve known intelligent, capable men who didn’t think highly-enough of themselves. They actually were very smart, but didn’t think enough of their own selves. I suspect other men out there may have the same problem. If you think you’re not too smart, one simple solution is to simply start reading more. The more you read, the more you’ll know. And the more knowledge you have, the more confident you’ll be about your own intelligence.

If you feel unimaginative, you need to read more. If all you do is the same thing, day in and day out, your imagination can suffer. Your sense of adventure will be stifled. Your horizons won’t be very wide. So read more sci-fi novels, tales of adventure, biographies of great men, and accounts of life in distant lands. The more you experience through the powerful medium of books – the more you will be capable of imagining.

If you can’t make sense of life…you need to read more! I see young men, and especially teenagers, who just don’t understand “life”. They either don’t think it’s fair, or they have no direction, or they don’t know which direction to head. If you are like that – and haven’t figured out how to live your own life – you seriously need to read some books. You should read the lives of men who have lived. Only then, can you even get an idea of how you might best live. There is no such thing as a “practice life”; this is it. Stop wasting what little time you have. Get on the ball.

What You Should Read

First of all, you should read books. And don’t just read any books – read books that expand your thinking and challenge your suppositions. Build a library of quality books. Read the classics.

There are many books cited as important influences in the lives of many great men. There are many books taught in schools and universities because of their immense value. There are many inspiring books and life-changing books. You can get them for free, or cheap. Good, worthwhile books are readily available to anyone with ease – if you will simply take the opportunity to obtain and read them. You live in the possibly the best time ever in history to gain knowledge and improve yourself. If you fail to even try, you have no excuse.

How to Get the Most out of Reading

Take notes on what you read. Some men I have known keep notebooks. One man writes copious notes in the margins of his books. I keep a plain text file for different topics in a folder on my laptop. When a noteworthy passage or quote catches my interest, I type it (or copy and paste it) into the corresponding file. Do what works for you, but if you take notes you will retain more knowledge than if you just casually read.

Keep a dictionary nearby so you can get the meaning of words you don’t fully understand. When you come across a word you can’t define in your own words, it means you really don’t know that word. Look it up in the dictionary. Take note of the word and its meaning. And continue reading. When you do this, you will expand your vocabulary. Your thoughts are limited by your vocabulary. Expanding your vocabulary increases your intelligence, capacity for imagination, and improves your general understanding.

Make reading a habit, and you will improve yourself in many ways. Not only does reading teach you things, it changes you and expands you. It gives you more subject matter in conversation. It teaches you things that help you relate to others. It allows you to grow in knowledge and experience, without ever leaving your home. Reading is an amazing thing, and the leaders among men are always readers.

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