Read good books.

It is said that leaders must be readers. Aim towards leadership – if not of others, at least aim to lead yourself. Part of this process means that you must become a reader of good books.

Read Good BooksDon’t disparage physical, old-fashioned books, either. The Kindle has it’s use, but there’s something about a tangible book that can’t be replicated by a device. So try shutting off the glowing screens that are everywhere and pick up a real, paper book. A good book – one worth reading – and immerse yourself in it’s words.

“The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented is the book.” -Northrop Frye

Some recommended books for a man to read include the following:

For a more comprehensive list, Art of Manliness created a PDF of 100 book recommendations for men. Another very good list of books (not just “manosphere” related) is here.

When you ask yourself, “what is the best use of my time right now?” very often you could be reading. So next time you’re in a waiting room, have a book with you. Next time you find yourself aimlessly channel-surfing, turn off the TV and start reading. Have a book by your bedside to read a bit from each night.

Read good books.

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