Don’t let fear of failing stop you from trying.

Most people will never attempt even the smallest goal - because they assume they will fail. Think about that: before even attempting most endeavors, most people decide they can' they don't. Your biggest obstacle is what you create in your mind that stops you. Most of the time, your biggest obstacle doesn't even exist. It's not real. It's imaginary. The greats - the … [Read more...]

Pay attention to what a woman is really telling you.

Don't be naive about what a women is saying. Pay attention, and have enough sense to realize when a women is flirting with you (or not). When it comes down to it, women aren't that hard to understand. Women frequently complain that men don’t pick up on her cues. They are playing PGA golf while most men are at the Putt-Putt when it comes to social interactions. They are … [Read more...]

Look at Events with the Right Perspective

A man doesn't break down, doesn't panic, doesn't worry, and doesn't despair when things go wrong. Instead, when bad things happen or when circumstances don't quite go as expected...he stops and takes a look at things with the right perspective. What is the "right" perspective? It is to try take the "long view", and see all things as temporary. Whether the "thing" is good or … [Read more...]

The 3 Most Important Sentences to Say in Life

During the times when these sentences need to be said, these are the 3 most important sentences to say in life: I'm sorry. I forgive you. I love you. There are times when your best course of action is to remain silent. There are also times when you should say one of these things. Our speech is a powerful thing. Like a bullet, once you send a word out - you can't … [Read more...]

If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn’t be in it.

It is hard to live a life of deception. Telling the truth, being upfront, maintaining transparency, and being open are much easier. You have less work to do and less to remember. You never have to keep your story straight, if you are who you are consistently. It's easier to be genuine than it is to live a lie. This applies to the things we do in our lives, which includes … [Read more...]