Money can only buy one thing in life.

There are things money can’t buy. The Beatles told us that money can’t buy us love, for example. We’ve all heard that money can’t buy happiness. And we know that money is only a tool. It’s not an end in itself.

So what can money buy? It turns out, there’s one easy and simple way to answer that question.

Money can only buy one thing in life: Money buys comfort. Comfort is not happiness, or satisfaction. While it is good to be comfortable, it is more satisfying to be happy.

For instance, a man can be happy if he’s poor – as long as he has meaningful work, a loving wife, and healthy children. If he’s embraced the principle of Contentment, he can live his life totally satisfied. He might not eat the best food, live in the nicest house, or sleep on the most luxurious bed, but those things are of little importance in the big picture.

A rich man, on the other hand, might have all the opulent luxury that could be imagined…yet be lonely and unfulfilled.

Which one would you rather be? Have a realistic and true view of the value of money. And don’t get enthralled with it. There’s far more to life than money.

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