Look at Events with the Right Perspective

A man doesn’t break down, doesn’t panic, doesn’t worry, and doesn’t despair when things go wrong. Instead, when bad things happen or when circumstances don’t quite go as expected…he stops and takes a look at things with the right perspective. What is the “right” perspective?

It is to try take the “long view”, and see all things as temporary. Whether the “thing” is good or bad, of great importance or insignificant, expected or surprising…the vast majority of the time, none of that matters in the long term. Most of the things that occur in life simply don’t matter in a week or a month or a year.

Therefore, the right perspective is to look at whether or not the event ultimately even matters. Frame every so-called disaster with these words: “In five years, will this matter?” and most of the time, you’ll see the futility in worrying about it.

You lost your job? It sucks right now. And you don’t know what will happen next week, or how you’ll pay your bills next month. And your vacation plans for the summer are now ruined. All of your immediate circumstances look horrible…but will you feel this devastated in a year? Will you even think about this in five years? Nope. The most probably outcome is that you’ll be able to get back on your feet and your situation will change for the better within a relatively short period of time. Eventually, this simply won’t matter. It’s a “blip” on the timeline of your life.

Your girlfriend betrayed your trust? Get a new one. It hurts now, and you have no idea who else you could possibly ever find who could ever replace her…but stop and think for a minute. Get ahold of reality. You will realize that there are other women who are better for you – and if you look for the right one, you can find her. Your current heartbreak can (and will) be just a memory within a few months. Look ahead.

Your dog died? You hurt right now. You cry when you think about good ol’ Rex. There will never be another dog as good and loyal, ever! But get real and know that you’ll feel better in a few months. You can always get another dog in the future. And you’ll be happy again. This is temporary. Will it matter in five years? While you’ll always have fond memories of Rex, and miss the best dog ever, you simply will not feel the same grief. It gets better.

A man looks at all the bad events – and the good ones – with the correct viewpoint. A man knows how to see things with the right perspective. He realizes that all things must pass. The events in life pass by, change, and are replaced by new and different ones. Life cleans and “resets” itself sometimes.

So don’t allow yourself to get hung up on the “now”. Have the long view, and always ask “in five years, will this matter?”. It will empower and strengthen you for the better.

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