How to Use This Site…

Path of Manhood is meant for any man who is trying to improve himself. It can be a struggle to find training in how to become a man in today’s world. Modern civilization has few real rites of passage, and the few that exist are incomplete or inaccessible to most males. The institution of the family has gone by the wayside, and fathers in the home along with it. “Progressive” thought has taken over, and as it changes society it seeks to feminize men.

For a young man, this is daunting. For an older man, this is discouraging. But there is hope for all men, everywhere, who wish to be true men and fulfill the traditional roles they were meant for.

This site is just one of many places where men can find the answers they seek. Please browse the “Recommended” sites in the sidebar. Throughout the lessons here, you’ll also find links to resources that can help you in your search.

As you read the lessons here, realize that some are detailed – and others are very succinct. The lessons are not in any particular order. The lessons do not apply to everyone, the same way. Of course, you might not agree with everything written in the lessons.

So, to use this site, take what you can use. And if something doesn’t help you, feel free to ignore it.

Secondly, here are some age-specific guidelines to suggest how to use this site.

…if you are 13-20…

Read the posts, and consider the ideas. Attempt to imagine how and why you may need some of the advice contained here in your near future. Do your best to absorb what is useful. Attempt to put the useful ideas into practice at this time in your life, but if something doesn’t apply to you – file it away in your memory bank.

Reading life advice at your young age is wise, and will help you avoid many mistakes early in life. Learning from more experienced men gives you a head start advantage over the vast majority of young men (and ladies). If you have an older man (ideally your dad or grandfather) to mentor you, please ask him questions about the lessons found on this site.

…if you are 21-35…

As you read the advice, compare it with what you’ve experienced in life. Where the advice makes sense, incorporate it into your life. Learn from any past mistakes, and hone your own personality. As “iron sharpeneth iron”, use the words on this site to improve yourself. We all make mistakes, but you have time and opportunity to correct many of them while you’re still young. Seize this time in your life to critique yourself, make some radical changes, and improve your self as much as you are able. You only get one chance at life. Make the most of it.

…if you are over 35…

Pick up as much useful information as you can, and improve as many of your habits, ideas, and practices as possible. But determine to incorporate any wisdom you find here into your life so that you may teach others. No doubt, you’ve already learned many of the lessons and principles written here. Many things you read here will be recognizable, and will ring true.

At this point in your life, you’re very likely already established in your habits and lifestyle. While it is possible for you to still improve aspects of yourself and become a better man, the die has been cast for a lot of your life decisions – and you’re traveling down a specific path already. So direct others here, and teach them as well, and help lead other men towards excellence and strength in their own lives.

…at any age…

Read the lessons, and consider the words, and think about the message. Consider whether or not they are true, and what the end results will be. My wish is for all men to learn and live the truth.