How to keep your job and be fire-proof.

Want to know how to “fire-proof” yourself? Getting fired is avoidable. There is a way to ensure you will never get fired. It is simple.

Turn yourself into the most valuable employee in your division or company. This is how to ensure that you will always keep your job. You will be fire-proof.

What are the steps you can take, to increase your value? Here are a few steps you can follow:

  • Learn (or become competent) in all the jobs your company performs – not just your assigned task. Some companies will actually make you do this – they call it “cross-training”. But you don’t need your hand held. Initiate cross-training on your own.
  • Become the very best at your assigned task – the authority in all matters having to do with your particular job. This requires one or more of the following (depending on your job): practice, training, reading, observation, experimentation, research. Whatever it takes, increase your proficiency.
  • Be honest, above-board, and put your boss’s interests first – make him look good. Remember, your job is to make the company money. This makes the boss look good.
  • Reduce consumption, increase production. Treat the company resources as your own. After all, your employer is your source of income. When you save them money, they have more money to pay employees…including you.
  • Don’t wait to be told what to do. If you see a problem that needs to be resolved, don’t whine about it, just resolve it. You should never be bored or have nothing to do – at any job. Sweep the floors if there’s nothing to do. Just be useful essential.

Useful is a good thing. But go beyond mere “usefulness” as an employee. Don’t just make yourself useful – make yourself invaluable. There are thousands of useful people. You need to be the one man the company can’t stand to be without. That man is fire-proof.

“The man who does more than he is paid for will soon be paid for more than he does.”
– A fortune cookie

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