How to increase your testosterone levels.

Lifting WeightsThe older you get, the more you need to watch your testosterone levels. Many environmental factors apparently are altering men’s testosterone levels, including hormones in foods, toxins and chemicals in the water we drink and the air we breathe, and the other factors such as the plastics all our foods are packaged in. (It has been reported for years that drugs in the water and chemicals that leach out of plastics contribute to lower testosterone levels in men.)

There’s also a cultural attitude that denigrates manhood. It starts in childhood when boys’ boyhood is suppressed in public schools and cultural institutions such as the Boy Scouts – where normal and aggressive boyhood play and behavior is unnaturally prohibited. In adulthood, everywhere from TV commercials to human resources departments to government agencies – normal manhood is prohibited.

Another major weapon against manhood is porn. Widespread pornography saps men’s virility. It alters their perception of what is “normal”. It twists their thinking. As shown by science, porn addicts them. It robs them of normal motivation. And it weakens them.

low testosterone level strengthSince you live in an environment with one or more of the testosterone-depleting factors, you probably need to take efforts to increase your testosterone levels. There are tests that can determine your actual levels, so that you can know with certainty how good or bad your testosterone levels are – but for most Western males, their testosterone is lower than a generation ago.

If you already knew that, you either have accepted that you have lower testosterone than your grandfather – or you’ve decided to do something about it. Hopefully, you’re here because you want to do something about it – you want to fight to improve yourself as a man in every way possible. One way to do that is to increase your testosterone. It’s totally possible for every man who wants to do it.

If you just want to jump in there and make sure you’re set up for success with your t-levels, here are some activities that may help increase testosterone:

  • Lift weights. You don’t need an expensive, complicated setup. Just lift some honest iron. [Read what Henry Rollins said about weightlifting.]
  • Eat red meat. Just do it – it’s not that expensive or difficult, and grilling a good steak is an essential skill for a man to own. Grill a steak. Eat it.
  • Approach the attractive women in real life…and not the fake life of the internet. Face-to-face talking to real women is good for you as a man. It can only help you in the areas of improved social skills, confidence-building, and (of course) meeting women. Because if you never approach, you’ll never meet them.
  • Take calculated risks. The risk factor can help you feel more like a man. If you’re a wolf, going after challenging prey, you will grow into that attitude both in soul and body.
  • Take testosterone supplements (only recommended if you are under a doctor’s supervision).
  • Do productive things. Achieving personal goals and accomplishments results in feelings that you are more of a man. WINNING helps your testosterone.
  • Caring less about people’s feelings. Internally, be just a little more selfish. More of a jerk. And less of a sensitive, in-touch-with-your-feminine side, metrosexual male. Reject that whole mindset and cultivate the mindset of an unapologetic man.
  • Improve your body language, posture, voice. Stand up straight. Think you are confident – and act like you know a confident person should act. Speak clearly and deeply. You’d be surprised how many men have horrible, unattractive posture and how many men speak in a higher-pitch than is natural – or how many men speak in a feminine or unmanly cadence. If you want to cringe (but give yourself a tool to help yourself improve), watch some videos of yourself as you behave naturally. It’ll motivate you to give your mannerisms and speech some calculated attention.
  • Reject and avoid all porn. Let the losers have the sex-bots, VR porn, and porn tube. Real men go after real women, and they have wives and girlfriends. Be a real man.
  • Get adequate sleep. You think you can function on 6 or 5 hours of sleep a night? Maybe you can, but it’s a guarantee that not only is your brain not functioning at it’s best – but (based on studies) you’re inhibiting your testosterone levels. Get about 8 hours of sleep per night to keep your mental capacities at their sharpest and to give your body all it needs to keep your testosterone levels at their best.
  • Eat broccolli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, Kim Chee, and other foods that promote good t-levels. Avoid soy. Avoid too many carbs – they make you fat.
  • Get lean and muscular. You should aim to be lean and muscular, anyway, because you’ll look and feel better. And this goes along with lifting, of course, but specifically this point is in here because when you’re lean and muscular you have more testosterone. When you’re a couch-potato, snacking fatty you have more estrogen. And you look like crap, too. Fortunately, whether or not you’re a fatty is 100% in your control and is a choice.
  • Take vitamin and mineral supplements. There’s ample evidence that vitamin D, for example, can increase and affect testosterone levels. And in general you should be taking a men’s vitamin supplement (for your health).

Every man should be conscious of their mentality (soul and spirit) and their body. Part of your physical makeup not only defines who you “are” as a man, but how you act. The three parts of man interrelate. So, you can’t afford to ignore your overall health – and one aspect of that is your testosterone level.

The likelihood is high that your levels are lower than they could or should be. But with a few lifestyle changes, and a few deliberate choices in your behavior and habits, you can get your t-level up where it should be.


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