How to be a good man.

Here are some ways in which you can be a good man. These are in no particular order. But they all go along with what I say in other posts in this site. These are all part of improving ourselves, setting a good example, living a full life, and being the men we can and should be.

  • Don’t judge situations or people ignorantly or harshly.
  • Have mercy on those who have failed.
  • Live by principles, not by impulses.
  • Decide on what your principles will be in advance, so when you are called upon to take swift action you can just abide by your principles.
  • Don’t make excuses and don’t whine.

These are simple things to think on, and hold in memory. Sometimes it’s good to review your life and re-evaluate yourself. Often, in doing so, we find simple and small changes can make huge differences in who we are.

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