How America’s Dads Can Bring True Grit Back

Recently an article was posted entitled, “American True Grit – How We Lost It, How We Can Get It Back”. It bemoans the loss of the character trait of “grit”: the pure, raw toughness that gets things done and doesn’t whine or quit in the face of adversity. The stuff we all need.

The article asks “How can we get our American True Grit back? Can we?”. The author answers his own question with some great suggestions. I agree with the premise, and I want to add to it. Specifically, I want to tell dads how they can help bring true grit back to America – and how to instill it in their kids (boys and girls alike). Here’s where we can start…

Fathers, turn off the TV. Get some of the old classic movies on BluRay and show those to your kids, instead. Have a time at least once a week where you read to your kids. Read them books like the Little House on the Prairie series so they realize what kids are capable of, and how hard people worked. Play ball with your kids, take them to the playground, and take them on nature walks. Get a dog and train it with your kids. Build something with your kids – out of plywood and 2x4s – like a treehouse or a fort in your back yard. Give your kids chores. Don’t give your kids cellphones, iPads, and video games – give them a bike and a ball and send them outside to play.

We can start with these things. When we do, American dads, our kids have a chance at having some of the grit they need and our country needs.

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