Have pride in yourself.

To set yourself apart these days as a different kind of man – a traditional, real man – you need to have pride in yourself.

There are few things more inspiring than a man who stands tall, speaks with conviction, and exudes confidence. It’s not an exaggeration to say that men who do that have a magnetic attraction. Women’s hearts flutter with desire for men like that. Other men envy and emulate men like that. A proud man is a leader.

Have Pride in Yourself Like TrumpSo, be proud of who you are. Be proud of your country, your values, your civilization, your heritage, your culture and your religion. This kind of pride – this attitude of straight-backed directness and firm conviction that doesn’t back down – is the stuff of heroes, leaders, and great men.

This is the secret of a person’s and a society’s strength. It is the sign of a man’s power. It is the evidence that a man has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

As a real man – a complete man – you should have pride in yourself.

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