Grow up when it’s time to grow up.

It seems that many “men” today are simply children living in grown men’s bodies. A male who is legally an adult but engages in children’s hobbies, or has immature attitudes is a man-child or a manlet. You’ve seen these men before. You might even be one of these manlets.

Grown Men Playing with toys

It’s been pointed out that today’s 18-year-olds are the equivalent of the previous generation’s 10-year-olds. That may be true due to the much “softer” society we now have (in many ways). But regardless, a large number of young men have no aspirations to even try to grow up. The differences between the Millennials and previous generations is stark.

In an example of life imitating art (the art being the movie Idiocracy), if you simply observe the men of this world you will see the following:

  • They don’t dress like men. They wear baseball caps, shorts, and flip-flops out in public. They wear cartoon character t-shirts.
  • They don’t get married. At age 24 or 26 or 35 they still have no desire to settle down and start a family. Instead, they hang out with their (male) “buddies” – stuck in eternal teenagehood.
  • They don’t have mature thoughts or conversations. Like overgrown boys, they talk about movies, TV, video games, and other meaningless topics.
  • They indulge in porn and celebrate their debauchery. When Cherry 2000 is no longer fantasy, and we see VR porn bots selling out, you are witnessing the death of the next generation.

Does it have to be this way for you? No. Not if you decide to grow up and act your age.

If you are a man who decides to grow up, you will put away childish things when it’s time to do so. While there is no specific set age at which a person matures, it should happen in stages and around the same time for an average male. For instance, at the age of 12 or so, a young man should start to act more mature and less like a child. At age 13-14, he should start separating himself even more from kids – and not play with toy action figures anymore. At age 18 or so, he should be preparing for the day when he goes out on his own and becomes independent. By age 20-21, he should see himself as his own man and either move out (or try to!). By age 24-26 he should probably be married or seeking a good wife. Etcetera.

The point is, you need to grow up when it’s time to grow up. Holding on to immaturity and childlike behavior is unmanly, and just plain sad.

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