Expect to reap the fruits of accomplishment, not the benefits of privilege.

While there is some truth to the statement, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” connections can only get you so far in life. Likewise, any of the other supposed “privilege” that you may hear about is merely an excuse that others make for their own laziness, absence of talent, or lack of initiative. A man shouldn’t care about (or credence to) the mythical “privilege” that leftist and liberals so often talk about.

A man believes only in accomplishment. For a man, there is no “privilege” – there’s only setting goals and doing his best to reach them. Whether he succeeds or fails, he blames no one but himself.

Whether this accomplishment is the result of expert skill, superior brainpower, brute determination, or just dumb luck (which is merely opportunity + preparation) does not matter. Just know that you ultimately reap the fruits of your own accomplishment – not the benefits of any sort of privilege. It’s all on you.

“Realize there is no such thing as white privilege or male privilege: In reality, there is only institutionalized ‘privilege’ for victim-status groups. There is no privilege for whites, males, white males or straight white males. When confronted with such claims, demand to see proof of such privilege…People should not feel guilty for being born the way they are…”

If you own anything or have done anything of value, the less-accomplished in this world will want you to hate yourself and wallow in guilt over supposed “privilege”. Ignore their shrill complaints. They only want to drag you down with them, if they can get you to buy into their fraud.

Stand tall, and do your best. Ignore the critics. And never apologize for who you are or what you have.

You deserve to reap the fruits of your own accomplishment.

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