Embrace your status as a man.

Be proud of who you are: a man. Manhood is not a dirty word, and it’s not a crime to be a man. So, accept it. Embrace it. Love it.

Man CardBeing a man is nothing to be ashamed of. The leftist, cultural marxists in our society’s media and academia – the “elites” and the influencers – would have you believe that manhood should be restrained. They foster an attitude of hostility towards traditional (i.e. genuine) manhood.

Reject them, and everything they stand for. Reject their perverse and crooked way of viewing life. Reject their deviance, completely.

Since they see masculinity as subversive, indulge them: Subvert and disrupt their false reality by embracing being a man. Pride in manhood and further development of your identity as a man is a constructive way to rebel against these destroyers of society.

And make no mistake: the “left” really does wish to destroy all that is good and right in our world. Here’s what a writer said in regards to cultural marxism – understand this in the context of “embracing who you are as a man”:

“Refuse to deny the scientific fact of biological gender: Gender is first and foremost a genetic imperative. Society does not determine gender roles; nature does. A man who chops up his body and takes hormone pills to look like a woman is not and will never be a woman. A woman who tapes down her breasts and gets a short haircut will never be a man. There is no such thing as ‘transgendered’ people. No amount of social justice or wishful thinking will ever allow them to reverse their genetic proclivities. Their psychological and sexual leanings do not change their inborn biological reality.

By extension, we should refuse to play along with this nonsense. I will never refer to a man in a wig and dress as a ‘woman.’ I will never refer to a woman with identity issues as ‘transgendered.’ They are what nature made them, and we should not police our pronouns just to falsely reassure them that they can deny nature.”

He is correct. We should not only refuse to play along, we should strongly oppose them – and subvert them by living in reality. (This should come naturally to you if you have a “Red Pill” mindset, but it needs to be stated clearly.)

Instead of bowing to the SJWs and their deviant agenda, “strengthen the things that remain”: seek to be the best man you can be. Be a good man, be a moral man, be a noble man. But be a man who is 100% male in thought, speech, deed and physicality. Be a man who fulfills the roles men should fill, who is strong and virile and unapologetically manly.

Pajama Boy Ad
Sadly, this was a real ad.

To see what this is not, look at the liberals’ examples of a man: the Pajama Boy, a lisping NPR reporter, a scarf-wearing metrosexual hipster. Men who have become eunuchs. These are men who will never inspire, never lead, and never fight for anything worthy.

Be the opposite. A complete man isn’t ashamed that testosterone courses through his body or that he has different desires and a different drive than a woman. He isn’t afraid to unleash his true nature when it’s necessary, nor is he foolish enough to suppress who he is in order to “get in touch with his feminine side”. Again, his Red-Pill view of reality prevents it. He sees, instead, that dominion over this world was his destiny – and he has the potential and capability to master it.

So don’t back down, don’t capitulate, and don’t compromise: be bold.


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