Don’t take yourself so seriously.

The Millenial generation and Generation X were raised to think that everyone deserves an award for just showing up, and that everyone is a special snowflake.
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I’m not the only one who has noticed this. Articles in news media and even the popular culture have acknowledged the existence of the “man-child”, “manlets”, beta males, and have commented on the feminization of Western men. Debbie Schlussel wrote a fairly comprehensive explanation of the girlie-man phenomenon in Western culture.

Here is one man’s perspective on the situation:

“One thing I’m seeing is our culture has decided that shocking amounts of narcissism are are OK. Everybody thinks they’re special because their parents told them that for years. Everyone has self esteem that is higher than is justified because their parents were lead to believe that self esteem is a requirement for success (it isn’t, actually, and studies have shown it. Self esteem is not the fuel that creates success, it is the result of successes). Thus, parents told their children how wonderful they were when they really weren’t.”

Take a look around at modern advertising, especially in social media. Facebook is practically designed to promote narcissistic tendencies. Think about the evolution of society’s thinking in regards to privacy and modesty in the last decade alone.

These people think they are God’s gift to creation. As a result, the middle class and rich kids think their parents owe them something and the poor kids think Uncle Sam owes them something.”
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What attitude should those of us have, if we want to respond and act like true men?

  • We should want to be rewarded based on our efforts and accomplishments
  • We shouldn’t suffer from the delusion that we deserve anything from this world
  • We should realize that, while each of us is unique, the “special snowflake” attitude should be rejected

Essentially, to sum it up: don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does! While this generation has been taught that they deserve praise for doing nothing, and as a result have a concept of “privilege” that doesn’t exist, a real man lives in reality. The truth is, each of us need to pull his own weight. We need to earn our praise. Accomplishments are earned – not handed out like participation trophies.

From one man to another, the lesson is simple: don’t take yourself so seriously.

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