Don’t hold yourself back.

To be a real man, you really have to stop being your own worst enemy. One way a lot of men are their own worst enemy is that they hold themselves back from reaching their potential. You need to stop holding yourself back.

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Why Men Hold Themselves Back

Probably the main reason you hold yourself back is fear – which is an extreme lack of confidence in yourself. Fear of what other people will think. Fear of risking – and losing – what’s comfortable. Fear that you might fail. Even fear that you might actually succeed!

Men also hold themselves back because they have become complacent and satisfied with second-best. This relates to being too comfortable with things as they are. It should be shameful, too. Being average – and being satisfied with “good enough” – isn’t the stuff that leaders are made of. It’s the stuff of cowardice.

How to Stop Holding Yourself Back

Equip yourself. This might mean reading and gaining knowledge. It might mean gaining education by either going to school or attempting some task until you become proficient. It might mean practicing something basic – that you’ve never been great at doing.

Confront your fears and doubts. If a man is afraid to speak to women, but he’s also tired of being lonely, he can either settle or he can change his luck. If he decides to settle, he’ll be average and will spend his life dissatisfied. If he decides to improve his luck (on purpose), he’ll force himself to talk to women. Even though it’s uncomfortable and awkward and seems risky…he’ll eventually be rewarded for his efforts. The odds are in his favor only when he confronts his fears. Which kind of man are you?

View failure as a teacher. Some people avoid any sort of failure, as if failure is the thing to be ashamed of. It’s not. Failure is merely a schoolmaster in the school of life. We learn more from failure than we learn from success. A motto you should live by is “fail fast”. Don’t see failure as a bad thing: see it as a learning experience. See it as a way of getting one step closer to your end goal.

Look at your failures as battle scars. Be proud of your battle scars. They’re evidence that you’re making progress on the journey to end up being better. Failure is progress – and a necessary side-effect of action.

Whatever you do, don’t sit idle. Don’t hide. Don’t settle. Instead, go forward. Initiate the attack. Embark on a quest. Volunteer for the adventure. And stop holding yourself back!

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