Don’t Be a Weak Man

Don’t be a weak man. Have open eyes. Really see the world around you, and don’t be afraid to see when a woman will use you. Once you can see, you can choose the outcome of your relationships. This is strength.

On women: “It’s amazing what they will do for alpha attention, and it’s pathetic what weak mean will put up with from spoiled women. Don’t be a weak man. There are still amazing women out there with good hearts who want families and to help their men achieve their goals. Women are unparalleled muses who can inspire men to greatness. But they can also destroy your life, your credit, and society if they don’t have a strong hand guiding them.” (Comment from quixotic on Chateau Heartiste)

The weak men out there will give their all and gain nothing. They will be willingly fooled by women who use them. They will worship women who don’t respect them.

What a shame this is, and yet how common. And how tragic, because every man has the ability to see and to choose.

Don’t be a weak man.

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