Choose real things over virtual substitutes.

A rule of thumb is that you should choose real things over virtual substitutes.

A man should hold onto the “real” thing, and train himself to choose real things instead of the equivalent virtual version. Make this your habit. You should own and use the real tools that have been proven. The “real things” have been around long before the recent advent of “apps” and virtual reality.

What does this mean, for you? Here are some examples of what I’m talking about:

  • Own and learn to use a real compass, instead of a compass app on your phone.
  • Build a library of real, printed books. (And read those books!)
  • Engage in outside activities you can share with friends, instead of sitting indoors and playing video games online.
  • Jot notes on a real, physical notepad and pen.
  • Meet and talk with real girls (face-to-face) instead of pinging strangers on dating apps. (And I will reiterate, avoid the virtual sewers of pornography.)
  • When taking a road trip, plan your route ahead of time and have old-fashioned road maps on hand.

This is not to say that technology isn’t useful, time-saving, or worth having. It often is quite helpful. But the real thing has been proven, and you will find that many times the real thing is far superior.

Talking to girls in person? More intimidating, but far more personal and fulfilling.

Playing card games at your kitchen table with a group of friends? Much more low-tech, but creates far better memories and more laughs.

Planning a trip and drawing your route on a map? Slightly more time-consuming, but unlike the best GPS, your map will never lose a signal – it always works.

Grandpa isn’t dumb, or merely “out of touch” when he shakes his head at the sight of young people engrossed in their iPhones. He’s silently bemoaning people who should be living life to its fullest…not doing it. Life if meant to be lived – in this reality. And if you can’t touch it and hold it, you don’t really own it.

As a general guideline, men should choose real things instead of their virtual counterparts. A man lives life in reality – not vicariously through a computer or smartphone. Don’t become dependent on the virtual versions of things; hold on to real things. (And carry at least some of those things with you daily.)

Choose real things over virtual substitutes.

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