Don’t Be a Weak Man

Don't be a weak man. Have open eyes. Really see the world around you, and don't be afraid to see when a woman will use you. Once you can see, you can choose the outcome of your relationships. This is strength. On women: "It's amazing what they will do for alpha attention, and it's pathetic what weak mean will put up with from spoiled women. Don't be a weak man. There are … [Read more...]

20 Ways To Stay Unhappy Forever

This list of 20 Ways To Stay Unhappy Forever is a sure-fire recipe for staying dissatisfied, and a great way to torpedo your potential in life. Obviously you'll want to not do the things in this list. This eye-opening list was written by, a site I highly recommend. Dwell on things that happened in the past. Obsess yourself with all the … [Read more...]

You must work more than you wish.

Wishing With Fingers Crossed

You must work more than you wish. Make a note of this. In fact, you should turn this idea into a law by which you live your life. Your rule can go something like this: "I will work for the things I want." Why? Because you get what you work for, not what you wish for. It's OK to keep wishing with your fingers crossed - but you'd better get to work or you will have … [Read more...]

Value and appreciate your family and friends above your job.


It can be easy to allow your work to define who you are. We all do that, to some extent. We've all experienced the change in identity or the crisis of our identities that comes with a career change, or a job loss, or dissatisfaction with your current career. And when we meet people (whether at a party, or some other event) a very common opener is, "What do you do for a … [Read more...]

Real manhood is not what we think.

Real Lumberjacks

The world has incorrect ideas about real manhood. Real manhood is not necessarily what we have been told to think. Some real men do fit those images. I am reminded of old-timers who really were both the image of real men - and actual real men in their souls. But real men can't easily be identified as the guys who dip, drink whiskey, get into fights, and have no manners. … [Read more...]