Be a strong father.

Douglas Macarthur prayer for his son

You need to be a strong dad, especially if you have a son. A strong father will have a strong son. A weak father – or an absent father – will most likely end up with a son who has some serious problems. Negligent parenting, from the dads, has lead to weak families, delinquent young men, and crumbling foundations of a once-strong society.

The system of this present world has skewed everything against the family as a unit, and against fathers specifically. So buck the system, and skew things in your favor and to your progeny’s benefit. Be a strong father.

Praise and validate your children. For sons it is critical that you validate. Boys NEED that. (Hell – men need that.) A strong dad will give his kids approval. He will selectively give it, out of love, when it’s deserved. He will not withhold it, out of cruelty. The very act of a father smiling on his child and speaking praise exhibits strength and imparts confidence in a child.

Defend and protect your children. Part of being a strong father is that your kids know you will physically protect them, if needed. They can rely on dad to step in, in any situation. If this means verbally telling another adult that they have to come through you before talking to your kid, or if it means physically fighting for your own flesh-and-blood…as a father, your duty is to be ready and willing to give it your all.

Endure hardness, and don’t whine. No one should see their father whine about circumstances in life that didn’t work out. Remember, you need to set an example of what and adult male should act like. This means there are times you just need to shut up, and suck it up. And face difficulties with tough, flint-faced determination. Your kids will become better when they see this quality in you. If they instead see a dad who is a soft whiner, they won’t respect their father…and it will destroy the image of the one hero every kid should have (their own dad).

A strong dad is what every boy needs, and needs to look up to. The role model of a good, strong, loving dad is a huge part of what makes a real man. If you choose to not do everything you can to be that role model for your boy, you’re robbing him of something he deserves.

This responsibility isn’t diminished in the least when it comes to daughters. Dads, you are in many ways responsible for how your daughters turn out. Mom is a role model, and a guide – but you are the model of the men your daughter will love. If you reject her, neglect her, or put her down then it’s almost a guarantee that she’ll choose men who reject her or abuse her when she’s older. Do you want that to happen to her? Surely not.

Instead, do you want your daughter to grow up with strength? Self-determination? Poise? Self-respect? Confidence? Sure you do. You need to help to instill that view of herself in her. As a strong dad, your role is to cultivate a daughter who knows what true love is all about: respect and value for her as a person.

The reason so many young women end up on the stripper pole, or on the “carousel” or in slut walks or trapped in the lies of feminism…is because of weak dads. Or absent dads. We can blame the girls – who are ultimately responsible for what they choose to do – but whatever bad choices a woman makes had a beginning. And more often than not, the origin of the bad choices was a father who wimped out and didn’t take hold of his responsibility to raise his daughter right.

Don’t make the mistake that so many dads make. Instead, be there for your daughter. Be a strong father.

Here are some comments from other dads that illustrate some of these principle, especially concerning daughters:

I’ve found that my daughter loves to hear me say that if necessary I would kill for her.

…As a father of four daughters that are all 7+ that didn’t ride the carousel, you need to be the strong father figure they know will kill people for them.

On dating: before dating any guy, before spending and time with a guy, they had to meet me. (this will weed out 90% of the dirt bags) If the guys won’t spend the time to meet you first, turn it onto your daughter by asking her what does that mean about his respect for you. Never said you can’t date that guy, (turns them into rebels), but the simple meeting made many run away. No alpha dad will be bullshitted by a scam artist. Eye contact lets them know you know where to bury bodies that are never found.

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