Be a man who takes action.

There are men of action, and then there are men of inaction. Be a man who takes action, instead of a man who endlessly postpones action. Don’t waste time planning, learning, perfecting those plans, and not doing a thing.

What happens to average people is that they plan, plan, plan…and fail to execute. They try to come up with the fool-proof, “perfect” plan, but due to their unrealistic standards (or fear of actually doing what they plan) they just languish. The saying, “The perfect is the enemy of the good” is very true.

This happens in all areas of life.

  • Would-be entrepreneurs don’t execute their business dreams because they lack the guts to actually try it, because many people are risk-averse to a fault.
  • Potential authors let their unpublished manuscripts sit untouched, where they will be forgotten and never read by anyone.
  • Countless men will wait for the “perfect” opening before ever approaching a girl that catches their eye…and she’ll never even know he was there – because the perfect moment to approach never comes.

Taking action now is far superior to waiting, and hoping, and planning, and all the other delays that cause people to not pursue their dreams. Action is better than inaction in all the above-cited examples.

Wouldn’t you rather try, than not try? Wouldn’t you rather just do something imperfectly, than never do anything at all? You would be wiser and better-off to decide now that you’ll ACT when you see an opportunity – rather than just sit there doing nothing at all.

Patton believed this. He said, “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” Listen to Patton, and be a man of action. It doesn’t have to be perfect action. Sometimes it’s better to fire, and then aim.

So next time you have an idea, be vigilant against over-planning and delays. Be aware that the average person’s tendency is to be risk-averse, and to put off taking risks. Be different. Be committed to taking action. No excuses.

Be a man who takes action.

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