Avoid pornography.

Just as there are harmful substances that will harm your body, there are things that will harm your soul (mind). Pornography is poison for your soul.

Avoid PornographyIt is good to avoid it. It’s worthwhile to take steps to prevent pornography from influencing you. Definitely do not seek it out, try to avoid it, and if you encounter it – do not view it.

Some people scoff when they hear about men who think porn is dangerous and should be avoided. They laugh, and say that anyone who’s against pornography is a “prude”. The doubters can believe what they want. But the fact is, pornography does have some very harmful effects.

Porn will weaken you mentally and physically – it hurts both the soul and body of a man. It will pervert your thinking and your imaginations. It easily becomes addictive.

It substitutes something fake for something real; at it’s core it’s a lie. This is usually put into much nicer terminology by those who call it “harmless fantasy”. But does it make sense to indulge your mind in something that isn’t real – especially something that very often becomes habitual? Not if you want to live in reality. For those of us who advocate “Red Pill” thinking, porn should be one of the first things we reject.

Avoiding and abstaining from pornography will do wonders for a man. It gives you a powerful feeling knowing that you can master your own impulses. Once you live this way, it begins to reflect in everything you do. It makes you more aggressive (in a good way) in work, play, exercise, and everything else. This may have something to do with increased testosterone.

On the other hand, giving in to this mind poison will have detrimental effects on a man. Pornography has never made anyone a better man. It has, however, contributed to the downfall of men.

It has also contributed to the downfall of relationships. You can observe the following effects in a man and his relationship with a (real) woman when he becomes fascinated with porn:

  • The price we pay, first of all, is desensitization.
  • Then comes a dulling of conviction and normal thinking.
  • This is followed by a devaluation of what is real and what is often called the “objectification” of women.

Even if you can’t conceive of just how dangerous and destructive porn really is, you can’t ignore it’s results. “You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

Porn addicts are weak, and indulgence in pornography is shameful. Avoid pornography.


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