The goal of this site is to uplift, advise, and train men. It is to help them become complete men.

In 2003 I began recording aphorisms, maxims, advice, and quotes about manhood. I did this around the time that my first son was born, with the idea that I needed to share wisdom with my son. I knew that I needed to teach a “code of conduct” to him. I wanted to raise my son to be the best young man he could be (and mold him into a strong, noble, and confident husband and father himself, one day). I also was aware of my own inexperience, weakness, and inadequacy when it came to teaching others the “right paths”. So I set out to discover these things for myself.

This written code (much of which is contained on this site) is by no means exhaustive, nor is it perfect. Nor is all of it universal for all men through all of time. But I have attempted to codify the things that a good man should do. This “code” – this Path – forms a good basis for being a complete, fulfilled man. If you read and follow the advice on this site, it will help you become a Complete Man. At the least, you’ll set yourself apart from the average 21-century man; most likely you’ll stand head and shoulders above them.

In my quest to provide uplifting advise that will help train a men to be the best he can be, I wish you success as you seek to improve yourself and be the man you can be.